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Introducing m-Cart: A Milestone in Mahyco's Digitization Journey

Mahyco has successfully launched m-Cart, a state-of-the-art digital platform revolutionizing the order management process. This innovative solution streamlines ordering, supply chain management, and tracking, reaffirming Mahyco's dedication to driving progress and excellence.

m-Cart Launch Event

The m-Cart go live program was conducted on 6th May at Mahyco's head office in Dawalwadi. The event program included the launch of m-Cart, a demo of the platform to Mahyco's internal stakeholders, and a special appreciation ceremony to recognize the dedication and hard work of the team involved in the success of m-Cart.

m-Cart Modules

Mahyco's m-Cart Order Management Module is a game-changer in streamlining order management and inquiry approval processes for businesses. Seamlessly integrating with ERP systems, this comprehensive module offers advanced features to enhance customer experience, including:

- Real-time credit validation and lead time calculations
- Configurable product catalogs and targeted promotions
- Master data upload and cart summary with tax computations

The Inquiry Approval Module provides a dashboard view, stock check, and credit validation, enabling informed decision-making and effective inquiry management.

Additionally, the system allows for:

- Advance booking and contract generation in SAP
- Normal sales order creation by distributors and territory business managers
- Restricted sales order creation for retail products by distributors
- Customizable inquiry approval workflows and rules

The Logistics scope includes:

- Delivery and receiving confirmation by distributors through the app or portal
- Real-time notifications and communication from Mahyco to distributors
m-Cart empowers businesses to optimize their order management processes, leading to enhanced customer satisfaction and improved operational efficiency.

With m-Cart, we aim to simplify operations, boost efficiency, and foster closer relationships with our valued business partners. This platform is a testament to our dedication to innovation and customer empowerment.