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At Mahyco, we strive to ensure that our people are both emotionally and intellectually committed to the organisation. We think it is important that their career goals are aligned with the corporate mission and vision. We also believe in providing rich employee experiences, a sense of purpose at work, and learning and development opportunities. Our employee engagement initiatives are specifically designed around these elements.In Mahyco we believe in recruiting for attitude and training for skill.

Employee engagement – Team

  • Mahyco Team building sessions
  • Small Group activities for each location geared towards small improvements
  • Customer Oriented Programmes to capture key customer insights
  • Celebrations, Sports Tournaments and Fun @ work events
  • Skip Level meetings, Engagement Dialogue
  • Knowledge Sharing Forums

Employee engagement themes – Individual

  • Rewards & Recognition – to create the culture of recognition for Innovation, showcase work to Top Management from employees across the organization and instant recognition from managers to encourage team members
  • Role Clarification workshops
  • Institutionalised Mahyco Leadership Development Programme
  • Competency Based Career Progression Model
  • Other Targeted Business Sufficiency Programmes
  • Innovative E learning platform to build functional, behavioural and business competencies in participants